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HL Company took 2016 Year “Professors’ Lecture” Expertise Training

   At 8 am in February 25th and 6th evenings, HL Company held monthly “Professors’ lecture” expertise training. The senior executives, leaders from all production workshops and middle-level cadres from some offices, engineering technicians, totally about eighty people took part in this training.

   During the two-evening training, chief engineer Shi Yi made technical training with the title of “ Life influence factors and life extension measures of roller bearings”, he made a detailed theory instruction about how to improve the life of roller bearings, and analyzed the technological measures of improving bearing life in hot and cold processing procedures; Zhong Hongyan from Turning workshop made a management training with the topic of “ Skilled in your jobs, Adepted in communication”, he explained how engineering technicians play a role and provide good-quality technical service in their jobs; Wu Lili from Technology R&D Center made a technological training with the title of “ The focus in tapered roller bearing control-----convex”, she made a detailed explanation from the aspects of the influence, realizing principle of convex, and adjusting method of convex processing in production scene; Zhang Xiaojun from Grinding & Assembly workshop made a technical exchange report with the topic of “ 32216/YA failure analysis supplied for XCG Nanjing Plant”.  

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