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Company Party Committee held Branch Secretaries Regular Meeting

   On the morning of February 24th, the Party Committee organized to hold branch secretaries regular meeting in the third floor of eastern building, the Secretary of the Party committee Mr. Zhang Yuesheng, the Secretary of Commission Mr. Su Xiaoping and all branch secretaries from basic unit, totally 28 people attended the meeting.
   Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yuesheng firstly summarized the Party Committee’s work in the past year, affirmed the achievement of Party Building work, and made it clear that we need to improve in some aspects, and combining the real situation of present production operation, arranged and deployed the work of Party Building in 2016.   

   Mr. Su Xiaoping analyzed the evaluation of all basic branch secretaries in 2015. By evaluating, he made out A,B,C types of branches, and according to the three types, he separately pointed out the problems in Party Building, and proposed new requirements for all the Party branches in the new year.

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