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All of HL Company’s Leading Group welcomed the Staff at the First Workday after Spring Festival

   On 14th February 2016, all the executives welcomed the staff at the gate in the first workday after Spring Festival. With bright drums and deafening firecrackers to break out, president He Kehong, secretary of Party Committee, vice general manager Zhang Yuesheng, corporation general manager Luo Baoping, limited company general manager Chen Kaixiang, vice general manager Shi Yi and Li Tao, chairman of Labor Union , secretary of Commission Su Xiaoping,vice general manager Bao Guangli successively shook hands with all staff from different production plants, offices in the southern and northern work area and expressed new-year wishes with each other.

  All the staffs dressed new uniform, and welcomed the executives with enterprising spirit, which expressed their determination and confidence for the new-year work, and showed energetic style of all staffs.

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