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Sending Warmth in the Winter, Warming Hearts by the Care

   In the afternoon of February 2nd,the vice director of Enterprise Working Committee Cao Xiuming proceeded toward  HL company to implement the condolence activity of “Sending warmth”, visited and condoled the ill retired Party member Zhang Qi, and showed the deep concern of the Party and government and best wished of New Year for him. Director Cao kindly asked Zhang Qi’s health condition, and sent concern and warmth of Party and government to the heart of the needy masses.
   On the same afternoon, president He Kehong and secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Yuesheng, chairman of the Labor Union Su Xiaoping sent care and wishes to retired cadres, needy workers, and national labor models. President He firstly condoled the HL Company’s needy worker Wu Xiu, sick retired old Party member Guan Li, he asked their health condition and told them to strengthen their confidence, and take care of themselves, and face the daily life with positive attitude.

   During the condolence, president He also visited old cadre Han Gao, national labor model Wang Chengwa, and bring the new-year wishes for them, and wished they could be healthy and family happiness.

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