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Gansu Province Vice Governor Xia Hongmin came HL Company to investigate and condole

   On the morning of January 23rd, Gansu province vice governor Xia Hongmin, general Labor Union of Gansu Province, secretary of CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and Provincial Disabled Persons Federation leaders, totally 14 people, accompanied by Tianshui mayor Yang Weijun, vice mayor Zhang Mingtai, came HL company to investigate and condole.
   At the investigation and condolence symposium, president He Kehong firstly reported HL’s production and operation and the future development assumption. After the reports, vice governor Xia Hongmin highly appreciated HL’s work in 2015 with the circumstance of tough market and challenge, at the same time, for overcoming the difficulties, he proposed the following points,firstly,  orienting market and focusing on the market demand, developing and producing the market-needed products, secondly, invigorating the land resources, realizing idle land, producing much more high quality products with the limited space, adjusting industrial structure, integrating the efficient resources, only improving production benefits could the company employees share the results; thirdly,  while doing the main business well, the company should take full advantage of Tianshui resource superiority including natural and historical resources, HL brand, technology, personnel and equipment and so on, to actively explore production and business new fields,and to seek a new way for enterprise development. 
   After that, Tianshui mayor Yang Junqiang suggested some requirements: HL Company must grasp national policy and “the 13th five year” plan development opportunity to speed up the step of restructuring and upgrading, meanwhile, Tianshui Municipal Party Committee and government must strengthen support for HL’s restructuring and upgrading as the requirements of leaders from provincial government, to make HL getting out of the predicament at an early date and gain development.

  Finally, Governor Xia courteously asked for the currently lives and work of the needy workers, and handed out the condolence money to them. 

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