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HL Company Held “2015 Annual Senior Executives’ Reporting on Work and Probity Meeting”

   At 3 p.m in 30th December, HL company held 2015 annual senior executives’ reporting on work and probity meeting in the 2F meeting-room in north tower. HL senior executives, parts of middle-level cadres and staff representatives, totally sixty people attended the conference, and vice general manager Bao Guangli hosted the conference.

  At the meeting, senior executives respectively made a report and communication about the main work of different departments they are in charge and some doings in probity in the past one year. Representatives took live democratic appraisal for all senior executives according to their “reporting on work and probity” reports, considering the actual facts the representatives know in daily life, and twenty evaluation targets in “2015 annual senior executives’ reporting on work and probity” performance evaluation. The “Reporting on work and probity” meeting effectively promoted democratic management in HL Company, played the role of democratic supervision, made staff taking part in management, strengthened the relationship between cadres and masses, probity building of Party member cadres, and better facilitated the job position responsibility.

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