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The company held a grand welcoming ceremony for the working start in 2018 Spring Festival

  The February 22nd, which is the seventh day of Chinese Lunar New Year and the first day to work in the new year. Accompanied by festive music, the company held a welcoming ceremony of Hailin for the 2018 Spring Festival on the main road of the factory. All the company executives, employees from all units and offices participated in the ceremony.

  At eight o'clock in the morning, the host of ceremony, party secretary and deputy general manager-- Zhang Yue Sheng announced the start of welcoming ceremony. Fireworks and firecrackers symbolizing blessings and hopes were then lit up. Gorgeous fireworks and stirring firecrackers foreshadowed the good luck for opening and prosperity for development of Hailin in the new year.

 After the rumbling of firecrackers, Chairman He Kehong gave the blessing speech for Spring Festival. Chairman He first prayed and wished everyone a happy new year, good health, smooth work and wish them all best! He then said: "Hailin's achievements in 2017 were impressive. This was the result of the concerted efforts of all staff and workers. On behalf of the company leader teams, he expressed his heartfelt thanks and highest respect to the comrades who worked hard for the past year!" The new year means a new era, new journey, new goal. Chairman hope that everyone can devote their own to work as soon as possible, take positive actions to do a good job of starting production and management and master a good starting of the annual work in 2018; simultaneously, hold integrated thinking, clear goals, confidence, and continually maintain high morale and unconvinced courage to write a beautiful new chapter in Hailin with a high sense of responsibility and mission, !

  With beaming music, the company executives released the auspicious red envelopes for all employees after the speech , and shook hands with the workers to wish them a happy New Year and sent them good wishes for the new year.

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