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The company held 2018 cost management work conference

  At 3:00 pm on February 10th, the Company held a meeting on the cost management of Hailin Company in the conference room on the 3rd floor of east building. Chairman of the Board, He Kehong, General Manager of the Company, Bao Guangli, Deputy General Manager Shi Yi, Li Tao, Feng Jun, Yang Li Ping, other top leaders from departments which are related to cost control and some middle managers from three finished product workshops attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Bao Guangli, general manager of the company.

  At the meeting, the Director of economic management administration Cheng Jing firstly reported the completion of cost work in 2017 and analyzed the completion of cost work. Subsequently, the chairman of the board He Kehong commended 17 departments that performed outstandingly in cost control in 2017; The general manager of company Bao Guangli from the seven major aspects put forward the company's 23 cost targets in 2018, meanwhile, supplemented and complemented 22 new measures on the basis of 61 cost-safeguard measures formulated in 2017, and arranged the specific cost control work in 2018 for each unit to ensure that the cost work of 2018 can be completed on schedule.

  Chairman He made a speech on the conference. He firstly fully affirmed the cost control work of all units in 2017 and pointed out that the cost target of 2018 is practical and operable. The cost work is related to each department, and the key point is to implement it genuinely.
  Finally, Mr He put forward four requirements for the cost control work in 2018:

  1.The cost control work in 2018 must firstly solve the problem of understanding for the cost, there should be a new and correct understanding for cost work; 2. All departments should have a profound understanding of cost management work that there still exists a gap, and also the space for improvement; 3. We need to further the responsibility and assessment of cost control in place; 4. Fully understanding the cost work, having confidence in cost work, and gradually realize the essential management, further change the behavior and promote cost control in 2018 to a new level.

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