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City’s Industry and Information Committee and Company’s Industry Committee hold a democratic evaluation for Hailin’s work team

  On the afternoon of February 5th, under the unified deployment of the municipal party committee, the appraisal team composed of the Municipal Committee of Industry and Information Technology and the Enterprise Working Committee made the 2017 democratic appraisal on the performance of the duties of leading cadres of party members and the construction of a clean and honest govern team of Hailin Company. More than 50 people including Chen Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and head of the evaluation team, Yao Haiqing, deputy director of the ICBC, Cao Xiu-ming, deputy secretary of the Enterprise Work Committee, Zhao Xiaolin, head of the appraisal section of the ICBC, Yu Fengmei, head of the asset management section of the ICBC, Yao Wanghua, member of company’s management department and other members of the company team and appraisal representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Chairman He Kehong.

  Chen Hong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and head of the assessment team conducted a description of the assessment items. According to the Assessment Method for Leading Groups and Leading Staffs of State-owned Enterprises in Gansu Province, this assessment will be conducted from the perspectives of production and operation, party building, Construction and other aspects of assessment. From this year, this work will be used as an evaluation on the state-owned assets and the performance of the staff assigned to state-owned assets.

  Subsequently, the chairman of the board He Kehong on behalf of the work team described the production and operation in 2017, work plan in 2018 and personal integrity. Assessment delegates assessed the score based on "Reverse Evaluation Table for Democratic Evaluation and Work Style Construction of Municipal Industrial State-owned Enterprises". After the scoring, three groups of assessment components were solicited opinions and suggestions from some of the party members and cadres of the company on team members respectively. After the solicitation, the appraisal team convened the members of the team to inform the assessment and fully affirmed the achievements and efforts made by the team in 2017, and put forward the wishes and requirements for the future work of the team.

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