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The Company Invited Master Wu Lanbo from Aiborui Technology Came to Our Company for Training

   At 8:30 on February 1st, the company invited Mr. Wu Lanbo from Aiborui technology came to our company to take management training. Company’s executives, leaders from each department and some middle managers attended the training.

  Mr.Wu Lanbo focused on the four aspects of "Origins of Essential Management and the Course of Enterprise Transformation", "Introduction of Essential Management Standards", "Seven Wasting Phenomena in the Production Site" and Aiborui’s Ideas on Essential Management of Enterprise",  in a light and lively manner, Mr. Wu explained the importance of essential management to an enterprise, and how to use the least investment to get the maximum benefit, and reduce the waste in the production process of the enterprise, so as to realize the enterprise’s essential management. Simultaneously, according to the details of the problems found during the visit to the enterprise, Mr. Wu put forward some constructive suggestions for our company to carry out the essential management.

   Through this training, the company has brought new management concepts and new ways of thinking, broadened the horizons of the managers of the company, widened the train of thought and initially laid the ideological foundation for the boosting and promotion of enterprise management in the future.

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