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HL Company held series of activities to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary——Employees’ Photography Exhibition

  For celebrating HL company’s fiftieth anniversary, praising its fifty-year brilliant history, motivating all workers’ ownership  of devotion to the factory and dedication, displaying a good-spirit, enriching employees’ spare-time cultural life, HL company Party Committee and labor union organized this employees’ photography exhibition.
  This photography exhibition received almost two hundred photos from twenty departments. Through primary election, totally ninety photos were elected as shortlisted entries. These photos reflected HL’s development and changes at different angles since its establishment fifty years ago, also recorded wonderful time and interesting episodes when working or living, and showed beautiful landscapes. These photos are simple, content-rich, had rich connotation and strong sense of era.

  This exhibition  successfully motivated all employees’ ownership of devotion to company and dedication, carried forward entrepreneurship beauty and labor beauty spirit. Meanwhile, it promoted all photography enthusiasts’ communication, pushed HL company’s enterprise culture, and made more people share beauty and happiness.

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