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HL Party Committee held a Grand Ceremony to celebrate the 95th Birthday of the Communist Party of China and Honor-granting Meeting

   On the morning of July 7th, HL Party committee held a ceremony to celebrate the 95th birthday of the Communist Party of China and honor-granting meeting on the second floor of the northern building, company senior executives, and secretaries of all Party branches and committee members, chiefs of all departments, representatives of the commending advanced group and advanced individuals totally 110 people attended the meeting.
   At 9 am, the master, secretary of Commission Su Xiaoping announced the beginning of the ceremony. Everyone stood up, sang the national anthem. Firstly, new Party members sworn on the ceremony. These eight new Communists raised their right fists high and made a solemn oath under the Party flag to fight for the communism cause. After the oath, Zhang Yuesheng, secretary of Party committee made “2015 to 2016 annual report on the work of the Party committee”. In the report, he made a detailed conclusion on the work of HL’s Party building in the past year, and further clarified HL Party committee‘s important work in future. 
   Luo Baoping, general manager of Hailin joint-stock company, read “Report on praising 2015 to 2016 annual outstanding Communists, outstanding Party workers and advanced Party branches”, and then leaders awarded trophies and certificates to five advanced Party branches, five outstanding Party workers and ten outstanding Communists.
   After the awarding ceremony, He Honghao, on behalf of all new Communists, made a speech. He expressed all new Party members would work carefully on their each own position, strictly adhere to their oath and strive for excellent Communists. Wang Bin, from International business department, spoke on behalf of all outstanding Communists. He said he would go to “The 13th five year” plan works with his all enthusiasm, and gave full play to pioneering role as an outstanding Communist. 
   President He Kehong delivered an important speech. He firstly congratulated all the recognized individuals and groups, and called on all the workers to work hard and be the advanced ones, and then proposed eight tips and expectations for the Party building works. 
   Secretary of Commission Su Xiaoping raised three requirements about the implement of President He’s “July 1st” speech and the arrangement of Secretary Zhang’s statement of Party committee works.

   Finally, the meeting ended with all singing the international.

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