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Committee of the Political and Legislative Affairs Secretary Zhao Weidong, Enterprises’ Working Committee Secratary Wang Xianglin and Their Party condoled HL Company’s Needy Party Member Workers

   On the 95th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, Tianshui city Committee of the political and legislative affairs secretary Zhao Weidong, enterprises’ working committee secretary Wang Xianglin and their party, accompanied by president Chris He, secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Yuesheng and commission for discipline inspection secretary Su Xiaoping, condoled the needy Party member employees  Li Baoping and Peng Guiping, and sent concerns and wishes of the Party organization to these needy Party member employees.
  Zhao Weidong, Wang Xianglin and their party successively condoled needy Party member Li Baoping, Peng Guiping ,and communicated with them, asked for their physical condition, living condition and the current difficulties and problems needed to be solved, encouraged them overcome all and make their life become better and better.     

   Visiting and condoling the needy Party members shows the care and love from Communist Party and government, fully embodies the Communist Party serving for people and condensing the will of people, furthermore, it is a “popularity-winning” project which could strengthen Party’s cohesion.

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