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5,000 meters race held for celebrating Labor’s Day and Youth Day

   In the morning of 4th, May, 5,000 meters race was held to celebrate “Labor’s Day” and “Youth Day”, to enrich worker and staff’s cultural life, enhances our physical quality.

   At 7 am, more than 240 players arrived at the race arena for starting the warm-up. At 7:30, with the referee started the race, all of the players march courageously, the whole distance of this race is about 5km from Jihe north road to Chengji new city bridge.

  After about half hour competition, the Man’s first prize goes to Jian yufeng from Financial Dept, Zhao lingyuan from Roller Dept got the second prize, Wu wenbo from Grinding Dept got the third prize; the Women’s first prize goes to Liu lijun from Grinding Dpet, Yu xiaochun from Grinding Dept got the second prize and Wang huifang from Roller Dept got the third prize. 

  After the race, President Mr. He kehong, and Mr. Zhang yuesheng-the secretary of Party Committee, Deputy General Manager –Mr. Shiyi, Mr. Litao, and Union president Mr. Su Xiaoping, Deputy General Manager-Mr. Bao guangli presented the prizes to the winners.

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