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President Mr. He kehong was appraised the title of “Model Worker” in Tianshui

   The afternoon of 28th in April, 2016 Model Worker commendation congress is being held in the meeting room on the third floor, the president of our company Mr. He kehong was awarded Model Worker of 2016. The municipal leaders attended the meeting.

   Comrade He kehong the current president of Gansu Hailin Zhongke Sicence & Technology Co.,Ltd. Because his outstanding work performance during the period of service as General Manager in HL. He is evaluated successively as municipal Excellent Party Member, Being Economic and Technology renovation expert and the first outstanding manager of Tianshui City. Moreover, he awarded “Ten Outstanding professional manager” three years in a row.

  In Sep.2014, but in the most difficult circumstances, he resolutely handled everything himself in enhancing internal management and enacting bold reform, he personally setting the “Employee handbook” and “Management handbook” aim to the standard management. For the sake of survival by the quality, seeks development by the brand, the “Year of quality” conducted continuously under his emphasizing on the quality management, the quality of products improved, thereby the competitive capacity in the market should be enhanced. Since 2015, he personally visited the customers in North America, South America and Europe, but also the domestic customers more than 30 customers on end. Thanks to his effective works for attracting new customers while keeping old ones. Faced with the overcapacity in the market of bearing, he led and united all the staff overcome all kinds of difficulties, the wage of staff paid on time, and thus stable the team staff, increase cohesive force of the staff, promote harmonious development and contribute significantly to the society.

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