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The Collective Bargaining Meeting about Salary Offer of 2016

   After active preparation, the collective bargaining meeting about salary offer of 2016 was held on April 26th. There were seventeen people who attended the meeting, including the secretary of the party committee,deputy general manager Zhang Yuesheng, the chairman of labor union, the secretary of discipline inspection commission Su Xiaoping, vice president Bao Guangli, seven executive branch representatives, as well as seven staff representatives. Besides, the minister of Mingan Department of the provincial Labor Union Mao Qiao, the vice chairman of the municipal Labor Union Liu Yunfang, and the minister of the Legal Security Department He Shuzhong were also present at the meeting as the member of the supervision group.

   At the meeting, the secretary of the labor union Su Xiaoping explained the process of the collective bargaining about the salary offer of 2016. The vice president Bao Guangli introduced the discussion proposal. Then, the executive branch representatives and the staff representatives launched a discussion about the proposal. Because of the democratic and peaceful negotiation, the meeting passed five proposals. In the end, as the chief staff representative, the secretary Su made the final speech. On the base of listening to the speech of workers, the minister Mao Qiao and He Shuzhong put forward some suggestions on the offer and the discussion content. 

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