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HL Company Party Committee held the first “Party members’ fixed activity day”

    According to the unified deployment of Tianshui Municipal Party Committee, twenty-three subordinate Party branches under the leadership of HL Company held learning activity with the theme of Party members’ fixed activity day.  This activity was asked to hold in the same time at half past five in March 4th . Its content was strictly implemented as the requirement of Tianshui Municipal Party Committee. Firstly, cleared the goal and significance of holding Party Members’ fixed activity day; secondly, learned the spirit of Xi Jinping general secretary’s speech “Carefully learn the Party  Constitution and strictly observe the Party Constitution”;thirdly, Party branch secretaries, on behalf of Party branches, signed “Party Branches’ Public Letter of Commitment”, every Party member signed “Party Members’ Public Letter of Commitment”. All the senior executives took part in the learning organized by Administration Department Party Branch, and publicly committed the relative contents of “Party Members’ Letter of Commitment”.

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